It All Comes Down to Just One Thing, Nutritionally Speaking

There is more to managing diabetes and enjoying good health than just dropping a few pounds (although most of us could stand to do that). Realizing that has led me to try to pull together everything I know about exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes from working in the diabetes field for over 20 years and teaching nutrition and exercise physiology to a variety of audiences. To start with, when people ask me how important exercise is to longevity with diabetes, I tell them that the most important thing I learned when researching my 50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes book is that the real secrets to living long and well are the same whether you have diabetes or not: reg

Exercise Performance Not up to Par? Consider These Things…

Has your exercise performance been less than you’d hoped recently? There are many different things that can cause fatigue, but here are some potential causes (and solutions) to consider. Inadequate rest time: A really simple answer to your exercise issues is that you may be getting through your workouts well, but then fail to perform when you have races and events simply because you didn’t take enough rest time to restore glycogen, repair muscle damage (caused by every workout), and fully recover. It’s critical to cut back on your workouts (“taper”) for at least 1-2 days before a big event. During that time, you also want to keep your blood glucose in good control so your glycogen levels wil

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