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October 17, 2014

In recent years, the most compelling scientific evidence for diabetes management has been the inclusion of resistance/strength training as part of an exercise routine. Why is it so important?  Think of it this way: our muscles are the main place we have to store any ex...

October 9, 2014


I had to wait more than half my life to overcome the only thing I had never been allowed to do with type 1 diabetes...but I finally prevailed.

You can do almost everything you want to with diabetes.  One blaring exception is scuba diving through any NAUI (National A...

October 8, 2014

Athletes around the world are now competing (and competing well) with diabetes. Scott Dunton, a professional surfer with type 1 diabetes, is just one example of how exercise does a body good!

However, there are some things I wish I had always known about exercising with...

October 7, 2014

We're so glad you're visiting us at DiabetesMotion.com.  Everyone knows exercise is good for our health, but having diabetes and having to manage your blood glucose levels with exercise can keep you from being as active as you want to be.  No more!  We hope you'll lear...

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July 1, 2019

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